Global Payins Real-time Cross-border
Payment Settlements
Buckzy technology enables real-time cross-border payment
settlements into banks, e-wallets and cards with a single
point of integration into its platform.

With increasing customer demands, intensifying competition and a need to improve offerings on a global scale, the financial industry is forced to accelerate their digital transformation almost daily.

With Buckzy, you too can accelerate your transformation and bring new offerings to market fast by tapping into our real-time cross border payments network.

Check out our products below to see how we can enable you to continue to expand your own offering and go beyond customer expectations by providing global options for payments and collections.

Expand your offering
Use our cross-border infrastructure to create new revenue opportunities

Deliver unrivaled customer experience
Innovative, frictionless and modernized digital experience built to deliver Open Finance

Build better experiences

Connect your customers to unique experiences using 200+ APIs

Get to market sooner
Put our pre-built payments network to go live faster

Reduce delivery and operational costs
Save up to 40% application development and payment processing costs.

Global Payout Network

As a modern business, making payments on a global scale to suppliers, partners and staff in their local currency can be challenging and costly. You need a tool and a partner that makes payments simple, seamless and hassle free.

Whether it’s bank to bank, bank to wallet, bank to biller, or bank to card, we’re here to enable and help make the payment process simple, secure and fast.

With Buckzy’s global payout network, you can make payments across the globe just as easily and fast as any real-time domestic payment, keeping you running 24 x 7 no matter when and where you do business

Global payouts product capability

Multi-currency wallets
Manage and hold multiple currencies without large pre-funding balances.

Real-time exchange rates
Use our currency converter to book spot FX contracts and minimize costs.

Multiple payment and transfer types
Use our business, P2P and C2C payments along with our bank to bank,bank to wallet, bank to biller transfers 24 x 7.

Transparent terms
No hidden fees, low admin costs with clear, up-front pricing.

Bulk payments available

Fast, secure, PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2) compliant transfers
Deep customer authentication, real-time monitoring, transaction blocking and more combine to secure your experience.

Fast, secure, PSD2

Bulk payments available
No matter the number of payments or total volume, Buckzy can deliver your funds fast.



Slide Our Global Payouts offering provides real-time cross-border payments. A single integration with this offering enables our clients to access multiple payout networks across bank accounts, wallets & billers. Clients could scale up across various geographies we operate in, to optimize their efforts during business expansion. Sarah Lambert
Senior Vice President, Marketing

Slide Our multi-currency collections solution helps our customers in managing the collection and distribution of funds on a global scale. This powerful and easy-to-use solution helps them collect funds, pay suppliers, move money between different currencies and be open for business across the globe 24 x 7. THE POWER OF PAYOUTS Rajesh Veetil | VP, Customer Success

Global Payins Network

Managing the collection and periodic sweeping of funds in any major currencies on a global scale can be expensive, risky and an ongoing process nightmare. You need a partner and network platform that makes the access frictionless, cost-effective and compliant.  Buckzy makes your global collections simple, secure and painless.

Buckzy’s multi-currency collections account makes managing your money across the globe easier than ever. It enables you to collect funds, pay suppliers, move money between different currencies and be open for business across the globe 24 x 7.

Multiple integrations available

Multiple integrations available
Integrate with major ERP systems as well as online marketplaces and storefronts.

Faster funds

Faster funds
Collect B2B / B2C funds from global customers / corporations with same or next day settlement*

Local currency accounts

Local currency accounts
Create and open up to 4 local currency accounts for free.

Centralized, easy-to-use portal
All currency accounts in one place, on-demand statements and 24 x 7 customer support.

Foreign exchange services
Access live exchange rates across multiple currencies, book and manage FX deals.

Collections icon

Collect in multiple ways
From traditional invoicing, request to pay in compliant with open banking or even processing card payments, we make collecting funds easy and secure


 *Timing of settlement is dependent on local regulations and jurisdictional requirements.


Slide Our multi-currency collections solution helps our customers in managing the collection and distribution of funds on a global scale. This powerful and easy-to-use solution helps them collect funds, pay suppliers, move money between different currencies and be open for business across the globe 24 x 7. Rajesh Veetil VP, Customer Success

Banking as a Service* (BaaS)

There used to be two ways to get to market with a new offering: build or acquire. At Buckzy, we’ve already done the building for you!

Our network enables Banking as a Service with real-time cross-border payment functionality at its core. Mix and match the pre-built components you want to include such as multi-currency accounts, bulk payouts and so much more.

Contact us to see how our platform can expand services to your customers quickly and securely.

White-labelled, dedicated portals
Deliver new solutions to your customers by leveraging our network with your branding.

Real-time payments network infrastructure
Connect to and leverage our infrastructure to use and offer greater global reach.

Multi-currency accounts
Provide Master / Sub virtual multi-currency accounts in 12+ currencies.

Bulk and single payouts
Send to multiple recipients in the same or different currencies, or send a one-time payment. We make the process simple and secure.

Feature-rich APIs
Implement any of the 150+ APIs to create your own experience, enable payments orders, and much, much more.

Foreign exchange services
Access FX spots and forward services in 50+ currency pairs.

Currency pairs


Slide Our Banking as a Service offering is designed to allow neo banks to build end-to-end flows with real-time cross-border payment functionality at its core. We aim to enhance customer experience by providing a wide gamut of services such as multi-currency accounts, FOREX services, a white-labelled portal, and many more for you to choose from. Umesh Maini Chief Product Officer

Fintech as a Service

Imagine being able to walk into a store and pick out all of the services you wanted to include in a solution – virtual accounts, FX, cash forecasting, collections, billing and statements just to name a few. Then put them all together on a platform that leverages a global payments infrastructure so whatever you build can be used worldwide. Interested?

Welcome to Buckzy’s Embedded Finance Marketplace! We’ve combined our real-time cross border payments infrastructure and natively-developed services with those of our best partners, along with over 200+ APIs to help you to build something extraordinary.

Real-time cross border payments network infrastructure
Employ our network to use and offer greater global reach for all your solutions.

Composable modules
Put our pre-built solutions like global payouts / payins, customer onboarding, billing and statement and more to quickly expand your build.

Multi-experience development platform

Multi-experience development platform
Apply our comprehensive Open Banking APIs to create an impactful customer experience.

Banking relationships

Banking relationships
Leverage Buckzy’s banking relationships to transact business in several major regions

Foundational services
Incorporate key components like account validation, payment tracking and more directly into your solution on day one.

Expansive partner network
Choose integrations from our partners to expand or enhance your solution.



Slide We are a fintech-focused firm offering super-fast global payments and banking services along with significant cost reduction through our blockchain-enabled platform. We aim to add many components to our platform to make it a modern next-generation solution to support complex use cases for fintechs across the globe. Abdul K. Naushad President and CEO