Real-time Cross Border Payments at Buckzy Real-Time Cross Border
Payment Network
Modernize and innovate your payments solutions on Buckzy’s extensive payments ecosystem.
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Fintech as a Service available at Buckzy Payments Fintech-as-a-Service
to power your
Financial Service Business
Buckzy’s Embedded Finance platform and infrastructure
provide everything you need to launch your digital
banking and fintech business faster than ever before.
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banner slider_Build your own banking Build your own banking
and payment services
on our platform
Leverage our comprehensive set of pre-built composable services for domestic and cross border transaction banking to deliver an unrivaled customer experience for your clients. Asset 2 Learn more

Customer First

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Comprehensive, Cost-effective, Cutting edge

One stop shop

One-stop Shop
Buckzy’s Embedded Finance Marketplace offers a variety of tools and services for your business including account verification, card issuing and acquiring services, multi-currency accounts and so much more.

Self-Service Model

Self-Service Model
Buckzy provides the tools, you do the build. Whether you want to include reporting, billing, card services and more, we give you everything you need. You just have to put it together.

Banking relationships

Banking Relationships
Buckzy has developed the banking partnership needed to do business in several major regions so you can focus on growing your business.

Multi-experience Development Platform-1

Multi-experience Development Platform
Buckzy provides a dynamic and comprehensive set of Open Banking APIs to power your digital transformation and deliver smarter customer experiences.

Our Product Capabilities

Cross-border, real-time and faster settlement solutions to support B2B/B2C/P2P services providing instant and timely payouts into bank accounts and 3rd party wallets

Collect receivables for and from your customers, suppliers,vendors and partners from over 40+ countries using in-country alternative schemes and cardacquiring

Access to : Multi-currency accounts • digital ledger • treasury management • global liquidity management • cross-border, real-time payments• FX management, and much more.

Leverage our pre-existing composable services to scale your digital bank including open APIs, customer onboarding, account validation, multi-currency accounts data analytics and beyond.

Access to

Real Time
Billion Users

Trusted by leading fintechs and financial institutions around the globe, Buckzy puts our customers at the forefront of our innovation and
advancement. Together we create success.

Awards & Recognition