Cross-border Payment
Buckzy enables you to plug-in real-time cross-border
payment settlements into banks, e-wallets and cards
with a single point of integration into its platform.

With increasing customer demands, intensifying competition and a need to improve offerings on a global scale, the financial industry is forced to accelerate their digital transformation almost daily.

With Buckzy, you too can accelerate your transformation and bring new offerings to market fast by tapping into our real-time cross border payments network.

Check out our products below to see how we can enable you to continue to expand your own offering and go beyond customer expectations by providing global options for payments and collections.

Expand your offering
Use our cross-border infrastructure to create new revenue opportunities

Get to market sooner
Put our pre-built payments network to go live faster

Deliver unrivaled customer experience
Innovative, frictionless and modernized digital experience built to deliver Open Finance

Reduce delivery and operational costs
Save up to 40% application development and payment processing costs.

Build better experiences

Connect your customers to unique experiences using 200+ APIs

Banking as a Service* (BaaS)

There used to be two ways to get to market with a new offering: build or acquire. At Buckzy, we’ve already done the building for you!

Our network enables Banking as a Service with real-time cross-border payment functionality at its core. Mix and match the pre-built components you want to include such as multi-currency accounts, card issuing, bulk payouts and so much more.

Through Buckzy’s infrastructure, we can enable you to expand services to your customers quickly and securely.

White-labelled, dedicated portals
Deliver new solutions to your customers by leveraging our network with your branding.

Real-time payments network infrastructure
Connect to and leverage our infrastructure to use and offer greater global reach.

Multi-currency accounts
Provide Master / Sub virtual multi-currency accounts in 12+ currencies.

Bulk and single payouts
Send to multiple recipients in the same or different currencies, or send a one-time payment. We make the process simple and secure.

Feature-rich APIs
Implement any of the 150+ APIs to create your own experience, enable payments orders, and much, much more.

Foreign exchange services
Access FX spots and forward services in 50+ currency pairs.

Currency pairs


Slide Our Banking as a Service offering allows neo banks to build end-to-end flows with real-time cross-border payment functionality at its core. We aim to enhance customer experience by providing a wide gamut of services such as multi-currency accounts, FOREX services, a white-labeled portal, and many more for you to choose from. Umesh Maini Chief Product Officer

*US-dollar payment banking services provided by The Reserve Trust Company, a non-depository, Colorado chartered trust company that performs the duties of an escrow depository and independent custodian for businesses and does not provide investment advice, sell investments or offer any tax or legal advice. The Reserve Trust Company has a master account at the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City and it maintains escrow deposits that it receives in that account. Escrow deposits are not FDIC insured. Escrow deposits are not time or savings deposits.