The Buckzy Benefit:
Our Platform, Your Success
We’ve created a platform that brings together the tools
and the network you need to build something great.
Get started today!

Faster time to market
Use our infrastructure, network and pre-built tools to get to market faster with a solution that fits with your needs

Improved customer experience
Buckzy’s network and easy to use tools help make meeting the ever-expanding customer expectations easier than before.

One stop shop

One stop shop
Use any of the tools, partner services and 200+ APIs in our Embedded Finance Marketplace to create something new

Cutting edge, constantly expanding
Buckzy’s network is always expanding with new tools, services and APIs. Every time we improve, you win


As a fintech, the faster you get to market, the readily you’re seen as an innovator. And with the number of newcomers, you need partners that can help you differentiate and expand quickly.

Using Buckzy’s platform to incorporate our pre-built network and tools allows you to come to market as a more complete solution, whether your goal is to disrupt the market or serve an unmet need in a new location.

Let us support your growth by giving you the tools needed to make your fintech more than just a great idea.

$98 Billion

Record-breaking US$98 Billion in fintech investment in first half of 2021.

industries page graphics v2-01 Contact Us Build and integrate quickly
Employ any of 200+ APIs to create your own experience for your final solution.
Start strong
Leverage our core finance services to start your stack including multi currency accounts, account validation, and more.
Grow your global network
Put our payments ecosystem to use for your customers to expand your footprint.
Add functionality fast
Use our composable modules to add services like global payouts, billing, statements and more.

Slide I believe Fintechs would benefit greatly from Buckzy because we eliminate borders completely for our clients. During a time of globalization and the prevalence of e-commerce it is critical for businesses to be able to operate all around the world. By partnering with Buckzy we can support their multi-currency collections and cross-border payments.
YOUR GROWTH, OUR TOOLS Bob Merali | Director, Treasury and FX Trading

Customer First

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